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How Long does it Take for a Memory Foam Pillow to Inflate?

There is no memory foam pillow that takes special and exclusive time to inflate or get into its pure form. The time obviously depends on some factors like the packaging of the material and the method used to fluff the pillow. But still, at max, no pillow takes more than ten minutes. So there is nothing to be worried about if you are buying one or have already bought one as this topic is not something that you will have to frown upon. 

Memory foam Pillow

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How do Memory Foam Pillows Inflate?

This question about the time has arisen because people usually order pillows online and most of the companies do not pack the pillow in the pure form for the pillow's own safety. MOstly, so that the pillow is received in good form by the owner. Yet, the material and the method used from packaging vary from company to company but any memory foam pillow will fluff in about 5-10 minutes, provided it is not a defective piece. Moreover, most pillows just take their natural shape as soon as they are unpacked. You do not even need to do anything to make them fluff. They become fluffy on their own. Now, you know how much time they take and now the question is how you fluff your memory foam pillow benefits. Read below to get guidance.

As technology has entered every facet over the years it has also affected our sleep essentials. The way these were prepared and now are used. Like now there are companies that only deal in travel pillows and have a variety of pillows for only making our traveling comfortable. So you see my point, this is the kind of advancement every industry sector has made. So with this pace, we try to gel in and try new things. You must have also noticed the change in your pillows since you started sleeping. So every few years we change pillow and once you must have bought the best memory foam pillow. If yes, then you must already know how they pack these.

For those who do not know, the memory foam pillows are rolled, compacted, or even vacuum for transportation. So when you receive the item you think it is not looking anything like what you ordered, but you have to unpack it for that pure form. Normally, just unpacking does the trick as it will start to cushion up, while may require slight assistance. 

Ways of pumping your memory foam pillow:

Plumping Your Memory foam Pillow By Hand

Step 1: Shake the pillow 

Flip over the pillow a couple of times and then give it a decent shake. That will help to separate the adaptable padding shreds inside the best memory foam pillow.

Step 2: Give It a Few Good Punches Turning On the Side 

The sturdy packing procedure of the memory foam pillows tends to make it all stirred up. Yet, to get the original shape you may have to give it a couple of good sturdy punches. This helps break the filling further and turns the shreds and rearrange to lie uniquely.

Step 3: Grab Both Short Sides 

Hold on to the shorter ends and push them with energy pullback separated a couple of times. 

Plumping Your Memory foam Pillow in the Dryer 

Stage 1: Remove Memory foam Cover

The memory foam pillowcase is removable so the 'embed' that holds the pillow filling is totally launderable and dryable, regardless of whether the remaining pillow is washable or not. Remember you have to remove this to wash and dry separately.

Stage 2: Use Dryer Balls with the Pillow 

These dryer balls are available in the market for the special purpose of drying out specific items. 

You can use 3 to 5 dryer balls with the pillow. If you do not possess these you can buy these as they are economical and work with anything you need to dry and get help keep things isolated from each other to dry rapidly.

Stage 3: Use Low Heat to Tumble  

You can also just tumble your pillow alone with dryer sheets for 10 to 40 minutes to fluff it. Note you have to use low heat.

Stage 4: Remove and Hand Plump 

Once out of the dryer, you can put it back in the case. Or give it a little shake.

Bottom line

If you were eyeing the best memory foam pillow India for some time now worried about its washing or quality because of the rigorous packing, then worry no more. Well, ponder no more and buy yours today. You can purchase one right away here at Sleepsia

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