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Memory Foam Pillow Price | Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam pillows come in a variety of forms and sizes. Depending on this, their price varies. In this article, you’ll learn more about the different types of memory foam pillows and their price.

So let’s dive deeper into this topic.

Pillow Protector

Let’s look at what’s common among all the varieties of memory foam pillow – the pillow protector.

We’ve mentioned prices of pillows that come with a bamboo pillow protector.

Bamboo covers are great as they provide the following benefits:

  • Smooth Surface: the smooth surface of bamboo cover prevents skin irritation and hair damage.
  • Dry: bamboo derived fabric wicks away sweat and keeps the pillow surface dry, preventing the growth of acne causing bacteria.
  • Environment Friendly: as a grass, bamboo requires little water to grow. In fact, rain water is sufficient for bamboo to quickly grow to its full size.

Now let’s look at different types of memory foam pillows and their prices.

Solid Memory foam pillow

Containing a solid block of memory foam at its core, these pillows offer good support to the neck and enable you to enjoy a comfortable sleep.

A solid memory foam pillow has the following qualities:

  • Supportive: because of its malleable nature, a memory foam pillow provides good support to the neck by cradling it.
  • Facilitates better alignment: memory foam enables better alignment of the neck with rest of the spine. It helps to maintain the natural curvature of the spine.
  • Durable: memory foam retains its original shape despite years of use. It can last for more than 5 years easily.
  • Hypoallergenic: it’s perfect for anyone with skin allergies. The naturally hypoallergenic material is skin friendly and doesn’t cause irritation.

Price of solid memory foam pillow: starting Rs 1,399

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow Price

As these pillows contain shredded foam, they’re adjustable: you can adjust both loft and firmness of this pillow.

So these pillows provide the following benefit:

  • Adjust-ability: both height and firmness of the pillow is customization. Simply insert or remove the shredded foam to adjust according to preference.
  • Ventilation: a solid block of memory foam prevents heat from escaping the pillow, but shredded foam enhances inner airflow and keeps the pillow cool.
  • All the benefits of Solid Memory Foam Pillow

Shredded memory foam pillow price: starting Rs 1,599

Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow Price

A cooling gel memory foam pillow provides the following benefits:

  • Relief from body heat: cooling gel prevents the memory foam from retaining body heat. So the pillow stays cool all through the night
  • Relief from night sweats: by using moisture absorbing pillow cover, you can get relief from night sweats, as the pillow stays cool because of the cooling gel.
  • All the benefits of Shredded Memory Foam Pillow .

Cooling gel memory foam pillow price: starting Rs 1,859

Orthopedic Cervical Memory Foam Pillow Price

Cervical memory foam pillow is designed for people suffering from chronic neck pain.

The benefits of an orthopedic cervical pillow are mentioned below:

  • Better support to the neck: because of their unique butterfly design, these pillows provide good support to the cervical spine and substantially reduce stress from the joints in your neck.
  • All the benefits of a solid memory foam pillow.

Orthopedic cervical memory foam pillow price: starting Rs 1,779


Depending on your current requirement, you can select the memory foam pillow 2 pack type that provides you maximum bang for a buck. Because of multiple varieties, we recommend that you go through the benefits provided by each one and select the one that fits your preferences. So visit on sleepsia and amazon site. Get the pillow of changing life.


  1. Are these pillows durable?
    A.Yes. Both solid and shredded memory foams retain their original shape. They don’t get flat over time. And because they’re impermeable and nonbiodegradable, they can easily last you for more than years.
  2. Which pillow protector should I purchase?
    A.Go for one made of bamboo derived fabric. It is cheaper than silk yet still as smooth. And it is environmentally friendly.
  3. Do these pillows have an odor?
    A.Memory foam pillows have a little odor, which usually disappears within the first few days of use. After that, it stays completely odorless.


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